Registration extended to February 22nd!!

Please take a look at the chart below for the fees and registration deadlines, the explanations below for what is included in each fee, and information about next steps, fees, and BDMUNC Financial Aid.

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Registration Fees

School Fee including Advisor PD: The school fee is the required fee for any group attending the conference that includes one Faculty Advisor. The fee also includes Advisor Training Workshop during the conference that can be included as part of the Advisor’s Professional Development. Schools will be supplied with pre-Conference training materials such as Video Webinars, a 6-week conference training plan, research materials, and expert level Background Guides.

Delegate Fee including Delegate Workshop: The Delegate fee includes pre-conference materials such as Best Delegate Training Guides with step by step process on how to research for a Position Paper and Opening Speech, on-site training that includes training on writing resolutions and negotiating in committee, and post-conference personalized feedback.

Additional Advisors or Chaperones: The Additional Advisors or Chaperones fee is the required fee for any additional advisors or chaperones beyond the included one in the School Fee. Additional advisors are eligible to attend the Advisors Training Workshop.

Hotel Fees

3 Nights at Hyatt Regency (two doubles; sleeps up to four): This fee is a reduced rate at the Hyatt Regency Bethesda for the duration of the conference. We highly recommend staying at the Hyatt Regency so that participants can immerse themselves in the conference experience, spend time preparing instead of commuting, and take advantage of one of the lowest hotel rates of any major Model UN conference -- equivalent to less than $50 per student per night.

After Advisors register, they will receive an email immediately with information about next steps until their registration is confirmed. It will take 2 weeks for the registration to be processed and confirmed.

After you register

Advisors are welcome to pay through a mail-in check, by credit card, or other. Once registration is confirmed, Advisors will receive an invoice for the amount that they are due and information on how to pay depending on their payment method preference. Advisors will also receive an invoice for the $99 School Fee to be paid via Credit Card via Paypal within 15 days of being sent to the Advisor.

Payment Methods

All payments are due by February 15th, 2019.

Payment Deadline

While we would love to provide financial aid to all individuals we are not able to so. We provide limited financial assistance to cover the cost of Advisor Fees or Delegate Fees. All decisions regarding financial aid will be communicated via email. To apply for financial aid, please indicate your intention to do so when filling out the BDMUNC registration, and a BDMUNC Financial Aid Form will appear to fill. BDMUNC Financial Aid terms can also be found on the registration form.

Financial Aid