BDMUNC 2019 aims to bring out the best in every delegate.

Every Delegate Speaks

We will help our delegates become confident public speakers. Every delegate will be expected to make at least one speech during the conference, and we’ve simplified procedure and made committees smaller to enable active debate.

Personalized Feedback

We will help our delegates know exactly how to grow as leaders. Best Delegate staff will provide personalized feedback on every delegate’s position paper and committee performance so that they can improve.

We will inspire students to solve real global problems. We’ve partnered with international organizations to provide insights in our background guides and expert speakers during the conference for every topic.

Solve real global problems

By the end of this conference, delegates should know how to:

  • Research their country’s official policy on a real international issue

  • Deliver prepared and impromptu speeches

  • Negotiate diplomatically and build alliances

  • Write a set of solutions in the UN Resolution format

  • And use Rules of Procedure to facilitate debate and voting