While the purpose of Model UN is as an educational experience to introduce students to ideas, cultures, and students from around the world, we want to recognize exemplary effort in attendees. At BDMUNC, all delegates will be scored based on their performance around our different learning objectives: by demonstrating their research, public speaking skills, diplomatic negotiation, innovative and collaborative resolution writing, and professionalism, delegates will earn points in different scoring categories. All delegates earning enough points for the "Honorable Delegate" award will receive that award- no matter how many delegates in their committee achieve that distinction. The same goes for the next level higher- the "Outstanding Delegate" award. However, only one delegate in each committee will receive the "Best Delegate" award (the gavel) for the highest scores for performance throughout the conference. The rubrics that we will use to score delegate participation will be released before the conference.

Model UN teams (referred to as "delegations") attending the conference will also be eligible for "Delegation Awards" based on the performance of their team as a whole. These awards will be awarded to teams based on the size of their delegation and the average scores their delegates receive across all committees.